What To Do with No. 2?

The addition of Salem into the family was seamless, especially when you consider the timing of losing Hank and going through a major family transition this summer. I’ve wanted a cat for years and Salem came along just in time.

But now another one has come along and he’s not interested in leaving.

“Little Buddy” is what I call him, refusing to give him a real name to eliminate the hope of him coming indoors. Trust me, I’m fighting it. I shoo him away when he tries to run in and I’ve even flipped off the patio light and walked away while he sat staring at me with those affectionate eyes.

It’s cruel, especially since he and Salem get along famously. They touch noses, chase each other around the yard and sit together on the patio every night. I frankly don’t know what to do. I just know Salem’s giving him the low-down about life inside the Big House – two helpings of food per day, sleeping under the comforter at night and hot tubbing whenever you choose.

But what the little stray doesn’t realize is there’s another side to being “owned.”

Like dressing up for holiday festivities.  This could be you, Little Buddy. This could be you.